How to get started with a plant-based diet

Feeling confused or overwhelmed about your newly made decision to try going more plant-based? Snap out of it because there are more options, creative solutions and resources than you will ever need to make a smooth transition. Here are a few initial steps that will make your new vegan lifestyle seem like a breeze.

Get Some Resources

Everything you need to know about being vegan is out there. Now, it’s time to stock up on the resources that show you how and why. Think books, blogs, magazines, online groups and iPhone apps. Some useful things to sink your teeth into are…

  • The China Study: A book about why the vegan diet is superior and its benefits.
  • Veggie Visa: A blog about being vegan all over the world.
  • Barnivore: Vegan app that tells you which alcohol brands are vegan.
  • Keep it Vegan: A recipe book with simple and healthy dishes.
  • Happy Cow: A website and app that will show you via map where you can find vegan restaurants anywhere in the world.
  • Bunny Free: An app that will tell you if a product is tested on animals or made with animal products.
  • Finding Vegan: A resource that helps you find other vegan blogs and resources

Do Your Homework

Take all of the resources that you have found, give them a good study and learn about the basics. You will learn what you can eat, use and wear and how to find them. Take a good look through some recipes to find out what you will need to buy.

Clear Out Your Kitchen

Throw out or donate anything that isn’t plant-based or vegan. If you keep it in the house, you may be tempted to eat it later on.

Stock up

After using your resources to find out which recipe items you need and what products you can use, make a list and head to the store. Stock up on essentials like beans, nuts, seeds, non-dairy milk and grains and head to the produce section to stock up on items that you will use for recipes within a week.

And remember, have fun learning and trying new things! It’s a fun process and please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help!


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